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For $20 each month you can give a Home Cooked Meal to a Marine or Sailor

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At the Military Fellowship Center we provide Home Cooked Meals and Bible studies to Marines and Sailors stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC every week.

But our Home Cooked Meals are not just an enticement to get Troops to the Bible Study.


Each year over 80 Million dollars in food stamp purchases are made at U.S. military commissaries. Many of our military are utilizing charitable food pantries to supplement their individual and family food budget.


When we feed them we take some of the financial pressure off them.


The United States Military is the pride of our nation.

But the after-hours culture that surrounds the military ensnares many

young men and women into lifestyles that  destroy lives and ruin families.


Over 30% of our active duty military identify as non-religious or atheist.Of those who identify as Christian, their military service, American citizenship, family, and even hobbies all rank higher than their Christian faith in what they believe gives them a sense of their identity.


Military Evangelism exists to “Help our Troops Find and Follow Jesus Christ.”


$20 a month provides a Home Cooked Meal to a Marine or Sailor every week

Our staff prepares 50-60  meals each week at an average cost of $5 per meal.


Every Tuesday and Friday night at 7:00 we gather for dinner, then open The Word.


Solid doctrine is the main focus of our teaching. We study through the great books and passages of the Bible using a historic, contextual and literal exposition of Scripture. 


Our attendees are hungry for the Word, and many questions arise from the study time. Sometimes we find ourselves holding additional, impromptu studies late into the night

that grow out of these questions.

Would you sponsor a Home Cooked Meal for our Troops? If not $20, any amount, more or less, will help us continue feeding our Troops physically and spiritually.

Or you can give using

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